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Baseball is one of the most historic sports. Americans love baseball and it’s become such a tradition. There are many reasons why baseball has maintained high popularity to this day. Read on to learn a bit about why baseball is so popular. 


Accessibility plays a role in the popularity of baseball. You see, some sports are hard to play without buying a ton of equipment. It’s easy enough to play baseball if you have a bat and a ball. The roots of baseball go back to rural people playing the game. Also, the rules of baseball are simple to understand. 

For many, baseball is a game that’s so great because of its simplicity. The rules might be simple, but there are so many complex strategies that you can form inside of those rules. You can teach kids how to play baseball easily and they can learn to excel at it. It’s also something that you can enjoy no matter how tall you are so it doesn’t feel like you have to hit the genetic jackpot to do well in this sport. 

The Rich History

Baseball has a rich history in America that goes back well over a hundred years. There are people out there who have been rooting for their hometown team for a hundred years (or close to it). Since this game has been a part of American culture for so long, the history of the game has become a part of the people. You might grow up learning about the history of your hometown baseball team from your family. 

The Long Schedule

Major League Baseball has a much longer schedule than other professional sports. There are just 16 regular season games in an NFL season and there are 82 regular season games in the NBA. The MLB has a 162-game season. There’s a good chance that you can see your hometown team play each day during the season on TV, and it’s not hard to try to attend a live game with so many opportunities during the year. 

There Are So Many Teams

There are 30 teams in Major League Baseball. There are also so many minor league baseball teams playing the game at various levels. Even if you don’t live close to a major team, you might have the opportunity to see minor league teams play. This game is enjoyable at all levels of play, and you can see players working their way up to the majors on minor league teams.