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Louis C. DeTitto

Law Enforcement Professional

About Louis DeTitto

Louis DeTitto’s Career

Louis DeTitto is a dedicated professional in the security management and the public safety field. He has been involved in police work and public safety for more than 35 years. Some of his career highlights include providing security for multiple high-profile clients and becoming the Commander of the Special Operations Unit for the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General. His life’s work in public safety has proved to be very successful and impactful on the safety in the communities which he has lived and worked over the years.  Louis is a third-generation former Police Officer of the Philadelphia Police Department. He spent 23 years at the police department and held a multitude of roles. Louis DeTitto was a Patrol Officer, a SWAT Unit Officer, and a Detective at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Louis DeTitto has an extensive history in leadership positions at the police department as well as in his other roles. During his time as a detective, he was responsible for initiating investigations of fugitive felons. Louis is a natural leader and regularly takes charge and becomes the designated point person in many cases. In his time at the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General, Louis became the Senior Supervisory Special Agent where he was the Commander of the Special Operations Unit and of the Firearms Unit.  Throughout his career, Louis DeTitto has received many different forms and types of training in a variety of areas. Louis is a graduate of the highly prestigious F.B.I. National Academy. Here he received training in Ethics in Leadership and Security Management. Some other forms of training include Advanced Tactics for High-Risk Operations, from the National Tactical Officers Association, and Dignitary Protection Instructor, from the United States Department of Justice. Louis believes good training is the key to success on the job. He has become the person responsible for training others in many of his roles.  Louis has been the recipient of many different awards and recognitions. He was named the Officer of the Month, four times, by the Fraternal Order of Police. Louis DeTitto was also the recipient of the Valor Commendation, Bravery Commendation,  and the Heroism Commendation. He was also a 28-time recipient of the Merit Commendation. Louis DeTitto received the Bravery Award from the Chaplain of the Four Chaplains as well. He proved to be very skilled and honorable in his roles.  Additionally, Louis recognizes the importance and benefits of membership of professional organizations. Louis DeTitto has become a member of the following organizations:

  • F.B.I. National Academy Association
  • National Tactical Officers Association
  • Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association
  • National Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
  • Associate Member of the Police Benevolent Association in NJ
  • Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 5 – Member


Louis DeTitto and Sports

In his current position, Louis is the Training Officer Supervisor at Action Facilities Management. He is also the Manager, Firearms Coordinator, at this company. One of his first experiences in security management was with Major League Baseball. For the MLB, Louis is the Resident Security Agent during the season. Louis DeTitto began his role at the MLB in 1998, where he has been assigned to the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Club. He is the liaison between the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Baseball Club Owners, and Local Law Enforcement. He works to ensure the safety of all patrons, staff, coaches, and players in the stadium. Louis DeTitto is able to combine his love of sports with his passion for security management in this role. Louis is a huge fan of baseball, and many other sports, so working as the Resident Security Agent is a perfect fit.   Be sure to check out Louis DeTitto’s blogs, his other websites, and profiles!