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Louis Detitto College Sports

The college sports industry is huge in America, and this has led to some problems in certain areas. Despite the fact that college sports generate a large amount of income for local economies and universities, the student-athletes are not paid for their athletic endeavors. This has been an issue that has been discussed in detail for quite some time, but it doesn’t look as if anything is changing any time soon. If you understand the price of college sports, then you can come up with your own opinion about this matter.

College Sports Make a Ton of Money

You know that college sports make a ton of money, and this revenue is generated in various ways. Firstly, you know that schools sell tickets to the big games and they also sell merchandise that is related to the sports teams. Live gates and merchandising account for a lot of income, but this might pale in comparison to the money that is pulled in from television. Television broadcasts of college sports games are worth a lot of cash.

These collegiate athletic competitions generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue. The most popular college sports in America are football and basketball. Other sports generate revenue as well, but these two sports are largely considered to be the big money-makers. Some schools focus heavily on their football and basketball programs and are just as well known for those sports as they are for academics.

The Ethics of Not Paying Student-Athletes

The ethics of not paying student-athletes is something that many people bring up. A student might not be a professional, but it’s hard to deny that certain student-athletes help to bring schools and others a lot of revenue. Is it ethical to consider paying student-athletes even though they’re not professional athletes? Or would that simply open up college sports to even more corruption and problems?

The truth is that this is a matter that is complicated to discuss. Many people have different opinions on the topic, and both sides have valid talking points to consider. You know that the price of college sports is constantly rising due to the increased interest in college football and basketball. Many schools have programs that cost millions of dollars, and it makes sense to question things while developing your own opinions.