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Nfl Players


While it may not have the history of the NBA or MLB, the NFL has long been the top sports league in the United States. The game of football brings out a passion in fans that no other sport can replicate. It can be difficult recognizing greatness because there is just so much happening on the football field at one time, so here are the five greatest NFL players of all-time.

  1. Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor was the most dangerous and explosive player to ever play on the defensive side of the football. Playing linebacker in the 3-4 defense let Taylor line up anywhere on the field, and that may him almost impossible to stop. Whether he was rushing the quarterback, covering a receiver or defending the run, Lawrence Taylor always came up with the big play.

  1. Joe Montana

Montana lacked the arm strength of the prototypical quarterback, but he had an uncanny ability to put the ball exactly where he wanted. This skill was very useful in the short passing offense of Bill Walsh. Montana’s four Super Bowl titles are only topped by Tom Brady and Charles Haley.

  1. Jerry Rice

There will likely never be a wide receiver in the NFL better than Jerry Rice. He lacked the size and speed of most great receivers, but he may up for it with quick reflexes and excellent hands. Despite playing in an era that focused on running the ball, Rice has 6,000 more receiving yards than anyone else in NFL history.

  1. Jim Brown

Jim Brown made one of the most shocking decisions in NFL history when he decided to retire after the 1965 season at the age of 29. Brown held every rushing record imaginable at the time, so he had nothing left to prove on the field. Brown bulldozed his way to an average of 5.2 yards per carry. He also scored an impressive 106 touchdowns in only 118 games.

  1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the most dominant player at the most important position in the NFL. His Super Bowl titles are the most in league history, and he still has time to get more. In addition to the championships, Brady will also be second on the all-time passing yards and touchdown list when he retires.