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Sports and technology have been working together for years, and it is increasing rapidly. Most sports use some form of technology today. In football, the use of the VAR, or Video Assistant Referee, is one of the latest developments. The development of technology is helping to reduce injuries and make sports more precise than ever before. Continue reading to learn the best sports technology available today. 

Sports Engineers

Sports Engineers is a sports software provider that has its headquarters in the Netherlands. They offer software solutions that include Tournament management, match center, league management, data distribution, registration, payment, and more for sports teams. 


This company was founded by Cameron McKenzie-McHarg and his wife Kate, who are from Australia. They produce Motion sportswear in their line of sports products. These products use visual feedback through biomarkers to help an athlete improve his or her movements. The goal is to help athletes improve their performances. These devices give athletes technical solutions and are comparable with social media platforms so that the data can be analyzed from a remote location. The company has already partnered with teams, colleges, elite athletes, and more. 

Fusion Sports

Fusion Sports was founded in 2003 and they develop software for sports analytics that help organizations manage and improve the performance of their athletes. It was founded by Markus Deutsch, and his first sports technology device was the GRUNT 3000. Then in 2011, they launched the SMARTABASE, which gives elite sports organizations a solution for holistic performance management. It allows them to analyze and share data, and it can keep track of health, diet, nutrition, exercise, fitness, performance, motion, rehab, recovery, rest, sleep, and more.

MySail Pty Ltd.

This company was founded by a lifelong sailor, Deborah Dalziel. She created this platform so that new sailors could find new opportunities and connect with other sailors and yacht owners. It gives people access to skippers and crew for racing yachts. It also helps bring new sailors into various clubs so that they can grow their membership.

PMY Group

PMY was founded in 2009, and it offers independent strategy and investment to venues that need to improve their technology. The company helps them develop, execute, and fund their digital and technology strategies. They work to make sure that their clients have access to the latest and newest products, and they help them get the funding they need.