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Baseball is said to be “America’s pastime.” It’s a sport that has been associated with the United States for a very long time. Is baseball popular outside of America, though? Read on to learn about regions where baseball is popular outside of the United States of America. 


Baseball is rather popular in Cuba. Cuba has an incredible baseball history and has the distinction of being the first place where a formal baseball league was formed outside of the United States. Many great players have come from Cuba to play baseball in the MLB, too. In modern times, Cuba remains a place where baseball is a popular sport and people love following baseball there. 


Japan is a country that loves baseball very much. Baseball became a popular sport in the country during the post-war days. There are professional baseball teams in Japan that have huge followings, and Japan is home to some very impressive ballparks. Also, high school baseball is very big in Japan. 


There has been a Mexican Baseball League since 1925, but the sport has been popular in Mexico since well before that. Currently, the Mexican League has sixteen professional teams. People love baseball in Mexico even if it isn’t the most popular sport in the country. The game has been played there for a long time so it has a rich history. 

The Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, baseball is by far the most popular sport. Originally, the sport was introduced to the Dominican Republic by Cuban immigrants after World War II. The Dominican Professional Baseball League was established in 1951. A significant number of MLB players come from the Dominican Republic and it’s considered to be a true hotbed for baseball. 


Although baseball is associated with the United States, it comes from England. There are historical documents that mention both rounders and baseball that date back to the 19th century. In 1892, baseball was made a distinct sport. British baseball declined in popularity during the late 20th century, but it does still have a presence in the UK.