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The quarterback is one of the offensive players in American football. There are eleven offensive players in total, and the QB is responsible for passing the ball or running plays. Take a look at everything that you need to know about the quarterback.

The Role of QB

The quarterback is the offense leader. They inform the offense of the plays as relayed to them by the offensive coordinator. The QB needs to learn the playbook and understand all aspects of each play so that they can tell the rest of the offense what to do.

Before taking the snap from the center, the QB surveys the defense. If they find that there is a mismatch, they might call an audible. This is when the offense changes to a different formation at the last second.

After the ball is snapped from the center, the QB decides whether to pass it, hand it off, or run it. This requires excellent timing, as they need to find an eligible receiver and throw accurately. If they hand the ball off to a halfback, they need to find one who is open. If they run it themselves, they need to avoid injury.

What Does the Backup QB Do?

The backup QB has important things to do as well. They will participate in the same drills as the QB, and they need to understand the playbook in case they are called in during the game. They fill in if the starting QB is injured.

They also watch the game and pay attention to what the QB is doing. The backup QB sits with the starting QB during the game, and they confer together. They communicate a lot with each other throughout the game.

The backup QB is part of the special teams during a field goal attempt. They might catch the football from the snap and then place it on the ground for the kicker to kick.

Offensive Plays

The QB has a radio in the helmet that allows the offensive coordinator to relay the plays. However, the radio is silent when there are 15 seconds remaining for them to snap the ball. This is why they call an audible if they don’t hear the play or need to make a change.