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Yankee Stadium


Going to a baseball game is about more than just watching a baseball game. While millions of fans pack stadiums every season to see their favorite players in action, stadiums have become increasingly elaborate facilities that offer a wealth of entertainment options and conveniences. If you’re looking to catch a game, here are some of the best stadiums in the United States.

Yankee Stadium

The new Yankee Stadium is only about a decade old, but it’s as much a museum to the rich relationship between New York and baseball as it is a place to catch a game. The presence of Monument Park and Babe Ruth Plaza make it an important cultural touchstone for the biggest baseball fans, and that gives it a distinct place in the pantheon of stadiums.

Dodger Stadium

In contrast to New York’s trademark stadium, Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles has been in existence for well over half a century. It offers a scenic view of the surrounding Californian hills, but the biggest selling point may be the Dodgers dog, a legendary take on the hot dog that’s practically an institution in its own right.

Miller Stadium

The Milwaukee Brewers may not have the fame or legacy of the Yankees or Dodgers, but their stadium is one of the best around if you’re just looking for a great stadium in which to watch a game. The design here is phenomenal, and the retractable roof allows games to continue without interruption rain or shine.

PNC Park

The new home for the Pittsburgh Pirates is a refreshing change of pace from the anemic Three Rivers Stadium that preceded it. The location is phenomenal – offering a picturesque view of the city and the rivers to distract fans during downtimes in the game. And a recent surge in performance by the Pirates makes games here worth seeing even for people who aren’t natives.

Petco Park

Petco Park benefits greatly from the notoriously pleasant weather in San Diego, and that’s an advantage that the park understands. They have designated days in which fans can bring their dogs to the stadium. But it’s another hallmark of San Diego culture that makes it such a pleasant place to visit. The beer selection at Petco Park is practically unparalleled.