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Fans are always excited for the Super Bowl, and they can get together and relive past moments. While they enjoy the game, they can talk about these exciting moments from the past.

Super Bowl XX: The Fridge Scores a TD

In Super Bowl XX, the Fridge from the Chicago Bears was a 330-pound tackle, also known as William “The Refrigerator” Perry. He played football from 1985 to 1994, and this was his moment of fame. He took the ball, ran behind his front line, and scored a touchdown. Afterwards, he spiked the ball and showed that a large man on defense could score.

Super Bowl XXXVI: Bono Pays Tribute to 9/11

Super Bowl XXXVI took place after the attacks on 9/11, and during the halftime show, Bono and U2 performed. It is considered one of the greatest halftime shows ever. Bono wore a USA flag-lined jacket that helped the nation take comfort after a very dark time. They also performed at Super Bowl XV after the Iran hostage crisis.

Super Bowl LII: Backup QB Beats Tom Brady

This Super Bowl showed the tenth time in history that a backup quarterback led his team to a victory in the Super Bowl. In this case, Saint Nick Foles led the Eagles to a 41-33 win over the Patriots. The last time that this had happened was in 2001 when Tom Brady did it for his team.

Super Bowl XXI: Gatorade Bath for Bill Parcells

It might be common to see the winning coach get a Gatorade bath today, but the first time was in Super Bowl XXI when the Giants beat the Broncos. The players wanted to prank Bill Parcells, so they dumped a cooler full of Gatorade all over him. This started the tradition that continues today.

Super Bowl XIV: Mean Joe Green Chugged a Coke

There are a few moments where commercials during the Super Bowl have led to an explosion of cultural phenomenon. The first was when Mean Joe Green chugged a Coke, and he tossed his jersey to a kid. This was a powerful commercial for Coke. Another was during Super Bowl XVIII, when the phrase “Where’s the Beef?” was coined.