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Many businesses are automating various processes in modern times. It seems as though automation is taking over many different sectors and there isn’t much that anyone can do to stop it. Even professional sports are going to have to confront the topic of automation sooner rather than later. Currently, people are talking about introducing an automated balls and strikes system in the MLB.

Getting the Call Right

The potential is there for an automated balls and strikes system to make the game of baseball more accurate. As it stands now, umpires are put in the position of making a call based on what they see going on. This does mean that there are occasions when an umpire will blow a call, much to the chagrin of the fans. If the game was able to implement automated umpires, then things would change substantially.

The position of the ball can be detected at all times and it’s a simple process to determine whether the ball was within the strike zone or not. Technology can be used to accomplish this task and it can ensure that the call is always right. This eliminates some of the human element that is associated with baseball. Knowing that it could improve the game might make some people okay with the idea but the automated umpire system has its critics as well.

Not Everyone Likes This

Not everyone likes this and some people think that it would change the game for the worse. Getting rid of the human element that is associated with calling a ball or a strike might make the game feel hollow in some respects. This really depends on your perspective and how you feel about changing things over. Many people felt the same way about instant replays in other sports before they were implemented.

It should also be said that human umpires can still be there to make the final call. It wouldn’t eliminate human umpires but it would make sure that they got the information right. Would this make the flow of the game better or worse? Whatever your opinion happens to be, you should know that most experts say that automated umpires will be implemented into the game and that it’s just a matter of how long it’ll take the MLB to go for it.