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It’s easy to see just how much technology has changed the world over the last several decades. Even if you look at the changes that have occurred in the last five years, it’ll be pretty astounding. Technology also has a huge impact on the sports world. There are many ways that technology will be altering the sports landscape in the near future.

Better Sports Equipment

Better sports equipment will allow athletes to perform better while being protected. Modern sports equipment is substantially better than the equipment that was being used by athletes mere decades ago. It’s possible that helmets could continue to improve so that football players won’t have to be as concerned about CTE. It’s also plausible to assume that improvements to sneakers and other important pieces of equipment will lead to athletes shattering records as never before.


AI has the potential to change the entire world and not just the sports world. In the world of sports, AI could be used to help manage various things more efficiently. It’s possible that AI could help with training functions and it could also help to provide strategic information. Some people find this to be disconcerting and think that it hurts the spirit of the game. There will be time to debate whether AI has a true place in the world of sports.

New Ways to View Sports

New ways to view sports might be the most relevant thing for you. You understand that the landscape has already changed substantially when it comes to how people consume sports. In the past, people simply turned on the television and watched the game when it was on. Modern technology has changed the way that people consume media and many sports still need to catch up with those changes.

Sports will likely start to migrate to streaming platforms instead of being locked to traditional television channels. There might be new ways to view sports that make use of emerging technologies as well. For example, the potential is there for sports to be viewed using virtual reality or augmented reality. People could feel as if they’re at the arena even when they’re watching at home and this could be a game-changer.