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If you’re an athlete, then you’re dedicated to keeping your body in top physical condition. But sports can be demanding, especially on the professional level, and it’s not uncommon for athletes to get hurt while doing what they love. Some sports injuries can completely change or even end your sports career, so it’s important to prevent them before they happen. Here are some strategies for keeping sports related injuries at bay. 

  • Realistic Goals

Being an athlete is all about pushing yourself to be the best that you can be, but it’s important to be realistic about your goals and progress. If you push yourself too hard, there’s a high likelihood that you’re going to get injured. 

  • Be Prepared

If you’re trying a new routine or getting into a new sport, it’s important to consult the available resources to make sure you’re prepared for the challenge. Ask your doctor about the effects that this new routine will have, and take your time in learning new techniques and skills. 

  • Warm up and Cool Down

If you’re already an athlete, you know the importance of warming up before exercising and cooling down afterward. Stretching and light walking can help heat up your muscles and get them ready for more difficult work and cooling down can help your body repair itself. 

  • Don’t Rush it

Pushing yourself too hard too fast is a recipe for disaster – you need to be patient and learn a new sport properly. Your body needs to adjust to new stresses for your muscles and joints, so gradually increasing your activity and giving yourself lots of recovery time is essential. 

  • Don’t Ignore Your Body

If you’re feeling unusual pain or stress on your body, it’s time to change your routine. Mild muscle aches after working out are generally considered normal, but if you’re feeling sharp or intense pain or other signs of stress, you need to listen to those signals and cut back.